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Through The Eyes of a Child...
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Innocence is born. You see the soul of God, the Universe, and Source...The All that Is. You know this, for you yourself were once that child.

A creation of innocence, purity and light... A creation of all which is good in the world.

From this, you have chosen one another, this parent, that child. Your journeys are forever intertwined, for each of you seek to know thy self by learning, experiencing, growing and evolving, from the other.

Let us recognize and realize, upfront, that each is a mirror unto the other. Look closely, carefully, thoughtfully, into one another's eyes. What do you see in the reflection of your souls?

The answer is a gift, a gift of extraordinary value, which allows us to see and experience ourselves, and our journey through life more clearly.

From the tenderness of their touch, to the newness of their smell, all of our senses are heightened. We innately know this gift is to be protected, nourished, loved and adored.

We watch in amazement at their rapid growth and development, their acceleration into life, wishing there was a way in which to freeze time, or make these moments last, just a little longer.

They are a reminder of the fragility of life and its need to be cherished. These little beings require our care, guidance, reassurance, love and comfort, just as life itself beckons the same.

They teach us patience, acceptance, joy, love and laughter. They also bring forth anger, disappointment, tears and frustration. They try our souls confines and limitlessness, by challenging us to look at every facet of life... our beliefs, hopes, dreams, desires, likes, dislikes, and yes, even our expectations.

From obedience to rebellion, despair to triumph, excellence to under achievement, abandonment to unconditional love, they are here to teach us.

The lesson however, is not in the ultimate outcome of success or failure in each moment between you, for that is but ones perspective that colors it so. Rather, it is hidden in the journey of your shared daily experiences.

That which you send out into the world, is already coming back to you.

That which you allow yourself to experience, without judgment, so shall you become or overcome.

Children are the creation of two selves, coming together to express their oneness. In that, you have chosen to see and experience every facet of your being. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings about children, parenting, your parents, your upbringing, etc. and then look at how those thoughts, feelings and beliefs manifest themselves, in yourselves and your children.

While each soul is wholly responsible unto itself, parenting acknowledges and requires a greater sense of responsibility, for the lives/souls within our care, just as with all our relationships.

It does indeed, "take a village to raise a child," and the strength of our society is measured by our evolution of higher consciousness. Is it a society that fosters, instills and elicits, the best in each child, whatever that may be, thus eliciting the same from one another?

Expression of the soul, are paramount to its journey in life, and thus our experiences and the society in which we create.

Be open to the mysteries and wonder of the unknown or unchartered. Share this openness of self and discovery with your children. Discover who each of you really are, and in so doing, who each of you may become.

Celebrate and embrace this expression of self, openly, freely. Recognizing, there are no mistakes in life, only grand opportunities to experience and recognize the best of our selves.

Know that when you look through the eyes of a child, you see your own reflection...You see that which you manifest and create.

Date: March 1, 2013 | Location: Los Angeles, CA. Mulholland | Tags: Part 1 of 3

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