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The Power of Permission
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The Power of Permission, is the single greatest gift you will ever give yourself, for it represents freedom and the innate ability to exercise free will. It is the most liberating act any soul grants itself, as it frees ones soul to journey onward, to continually evolve.

Inherent in the meanings origin, the word "Permission," is something given to you by another. Only by someone else's approval are you granted, "Permission." Yet this 15th century old meaning deprives each soul of its universal, inherent right to self-permission.

Webster's dictionary defines the word permission as "the right or ability to do something that is given by someone who has the power to decide if it will be allowed or permitted," with such examples as "They got permission from," and "The teacher gave me her permission" or "you have my permission."

Interestingly enough though, each example, including it's first use in the 15th century, inherently, has always been external, something granted by one of power, to another.

It begs the question, was this, a means by which to control, diminish, suffocate or suppress, the individual spirit, thus knowingly or unknowingly suppressing the collective whole?

Self-Permission (i.e. the granting of permission to your-self, by your-self,) is an inherent soul-birth right, life blessing and profound gift from the Universe.

Yet most, if not all souls, never dream of granting it to themselves, or do so in such a limited fashion, or from a place of unawareness.

We routinely deny ourselves the most fundamental right and important ability in our existence, the inherent "right" to decide for our-selves... The right and ability to, grant our-"self" permission.

We routinely look outwardly for our approvals or permissions, relying on others for our happiness and joy, direction and purpose, ideas and journeys.

Yet only by granting our-self, permission, do we truly LIVE.

This is the origin of self-expression. This is where greatness is achieved.

It is the cornerstone of freedom, liberty and all that matters. It is here at the crossroads of existence versus living, that we allow our truest identity to shine.

Here, that excitement transforms into realized joy, dreams into experienced realities, and the path on the road less taken, becomes visibly worn and traveled.

The Power of Permission is bestowed upon Self, by Self.

No external approvals, no hopeless disappointments or denials, no unjust realities or circumstances, just total and complete, self-governing, PERMISSION.

The kind of permission or freedom, that can only come from within.

The only permission, that really matters.

Of course we live in a world where external permission is not only customary, but in certain circumstances, required, lest we have chaos and pandemonium within our governance, our children, our centers of learning, our commerce, etc.

However, this type of permission has been allowed to completely subjugate or limit our inherent right and need for "self-permission."

We are routinely subjected to external permissions in our daily lives and interactions. However, the permission that matters the most, is the one we grant our-selves. It is the one we exercise and experience after all of the external permissions have been presented by others.

It is the one least utilized, yet the one most needed.

Is it not time to lift the veil on external decision-making? Irreversibly "shift the balance" and "begin anew," by recognizing the inherent Power of Permission, by exercising and embracing self-permission.

Self and self alone, grants "self" permission. By doing so, you irrevocably accept sole responsibility for your-self.

Imagine your life today, if you gave your-self permission to Do, Be, Create, Pursue, Achieve, ANYTHING, you truly desired.

Where would you be?

What would you be doing right this minute?

Whom would you be spending your life with?

What amazing adventure, task, career or purpose might you undertake?

What positive impact would this new "Self-Permission" have on you, your family, children, colleagues, community, environment... Your World?

Imagine each opportunity, each obstacle you will work through and overcome. Each gift you will give, not only to your-self, but others, by giving your "self" permission, to be truly authentic.

The self-granting of ones hidden hopes, dreams, desires or just plain life decisions, leads to a true and fulfilling life... It leads to a Life of independent self-governance, responsibility and awareness.

There are no victims in life, only co-creators and what you create is based solely upon the decisions you make... the permissions you grant yourself.

From this moment onward, embrace the rights and responsibilities of Self-Permission. Allow this change to begin from within and express itself outwardly. The kind of inner change that awakens within you untold possibilities and opportunities, yet reveals itself calmly and confidently.

The sheer power, purpose and effect this will have on your life will be limitless.

Thus begins, the journey of living your life, by

The Power of Permission.

Date: March 29, 2012 | Location: L'Eglise St. Eustauche - Paris | Tags:

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