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The Journey Not Taken
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Imagine for a moment that you are viewing a large screen TV and the program playing is the story of your life. See your life as it has unfolded to this point, taking a moment to reflect on all that is; every highlight or trauma, every choice or indecision, your career, your romantic and family life, your friendships, your health, your childhood dreams and memories, your heartbreaks, hardships and highlights.

Review and remember it all. Allow it to play out before you like a grand novel being brought to the big screen. See it, taste it, smell it, feel it. Allow it to come in through all your senses.

Good. Now stop and imagine how you would like it to be.

What would you change?

What would be different?

What would you do over if you had the chance?

Who would or would not be in your life?

Who brings you joy and laughter and pleasure?

Who takes more than they give?

Who/What fits, Who/What doesn't?

Good. Keep going, don't stop short, make a list and write everything down.

What or who would you seek out?

Where would you be living?

What would you be driving, wearing?

What events or places of learning would you be attending?

What distant places would you be exploring?

Good. Now visualize yourself living this life, this "dream" life.

Allow yourself to remember all the childhood dreams that you tucked away or buried. The ones that you told yourself were meant for another person or time, or that you gave up on and thought were never meant to be. Remember the ones that you've never let go of, that simmer just below the light of day.

Remember them all... Write them down.

What do they feel like?

Have you ever spoken of them?

Shared them with anyone?

Now simply ask your inner self, who and/or what keeps me from manifesting my deepest dreams and desires. Who and/or what holds them hostage? Who and/or what prevents them from being my reality?

Listen carefully to your inner guide for the answers.

At this point, I'm fairly certain, some of you are already ahead of me in your head, making a long list of all the reasons why they are not meant to be. I call this the "blame list" and it goes something like this: "There's not enough time in the day, as I am a full-time mother/father, housewife/husband, or I/we work full-time and our children demand all of the remainder of our time or money. So and so won't allow it, or if only I had "X", and the list goes on.

So, there is no new car or house, no grand vacations or travels to distant lands and cultures, no diploma, degree or learned trade, no experiencing life's wonders and creations, no working for yourself or new business venture, no painting, photographing or filmmaking, no dreaming, because that takes time, money and effort, and who has time for all of those luxuries, those frivolous things? How would you begin to make that happen? How irresponsible to even suggest such things! You have to earn a living, pay the bills, feed myself and my family, make a!

And yet here is where we all stop "living." Every choice and decision that goes against your deepest dreams and desires denies not only you, but everyone you come in contact with, the joy and happiness of your inner light and brilliance... your truest calling.

We have traded in pursuit and achievement for excuse and limitation. We have labeled dreams and desires, wishful fantasy and irresponsible behavior. We have confused "existing" with "living."

This is not to say that our lives are devoid of these characteristics, actions or achievements, it is merely to point out, that they are more often than not, chosen last, if chosen at all.

This is the journey not taken.

Every soul is born with their own, innate dreams and desires. They are gifts from the Universe cloaked in the greatness of challenge and achievement. They are benchmarks on our journey called life. They are our individual and collectively shared experiences, and we are keen to re-member them. To know and believe, that the journey matters, far more than the destination.

Every soul is a being of free will and expression. That is the point of life... to experience life. Thus, "living." It is not to simply exist, by watching the days, months and years pass by, only to look back and see all that we dreamt, but did not live, achieve, conquer, share and experience.

The richness in life comes by listening to our inner guide and willfully choosing to face our perceived fears and limitations. This is the intersection where existence meets living. This is where our souls evolve and excel or where they idle in existence and self-torment.

Do you remember when you may have quit a job because of a less than good boss or work environment or when you ended a negative relationship, or just felt it was time to move on? Do you remember the feelings of fear and uncertainty, possibly anger, resentment, and powerlessness? And then you did something that changed everything... for the better. You listened to your inner guide, faced the unknown, and chose to "live".

Do you remember that overwhelming sense of joy, elation and freedom, mixed with what I call "fading fear"? Pure, unadulterated euphoria: a gift from the Universe for having chosen to "live"... to "listen.".

Now, the Universe knows that this euphoric feeling is short lived, as what comes shortly after it is the reality and responsibility of having chosen to live.

Feelings of fear, regret, anxiety, lack, etc., come rushing in and over you. Their purpose is to remind you of your choice, to test your resolve, and to grant you safe passage should you continue on your journey of self-evolution and discovery. For here is precisely the moment where you are able to double-down on having chosen to live.

Don't retreat into an abyss of despair, want, and limitation. Rise to the occasion of your inner most dreams and desires: your new reality. Listen and tune into your inner guide and simply place, faith in that which you may not know the outcome, yet you "know" is true and right for "you."

Earlier in this discussion, you began a long list of reasons why your dreams and desires were not possible. Yet the simple truth of the matter is there is only one reason they do not come to be. Our selves.

Everywhere you go, you bring to your self, that which you are thinking and feeling, and thus creating. You alone are in the driver's seat of your life and its experiences. No other person, place or thing has that power or ability. Each of us is the sole arbitrator and navigator of the choices we make in this lifetime.

Choose to live your dreams.

Choose to share them with your family, spouse, partner, children, parents, grandchildren, friends, community and the world at large.

Choose to take the journey not taken.

Choose to live.

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