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I Just Want To Know

Life , Love , Trust


I just want to know if you have any messages for me.



Dear I Just Want To Know

Much has already touched your life, and much more will.

It is as you know, a continuing series of events that deepen, hone, and shape your life’s overall experience.

One that is meant to refine you not define you.

What matters most is how quickly you accept and embrace each experience while also knowing when it’s time to release them in order to make room for that which is to come next.

Life is not a fixed state of being, for all of life is fluid and ever-changing. We can no more hold onto a moment than we can a person, place, or thing.

Enjoy life and all of its tender, brilliant moments. Know that its greater challenges are an illusion, an opportunity cloaked in its opposite, willing to easily melt away once you surrender and allow it.

There are those you have lost that are welcoming you and wrapping you in their love, light, and goodness. They await the day you will join them again, and yet celebrate your time here on earth and all it has to offer and teach you.

You need not be afraid or uncertain about the road that lies ahead. Allow it to unfold before you naturally, organically, knowing that you are simply remembering and experiencing that which your soul desired and agreed to experience before ever incarnating into this lifetime.

Learn from it. Love and laugh with it. Thrive and embrace it. For it has taught you well in the past and it will certainly teach you well in the present and future.

Remember that strength is a gift you give yourself; just like courage, grace, humility, peace, perseverance, and so many other brilliant facets and gifts from the Divine. Find, manifest, and nourish all of them within yourself.

Ultimately your journey will be as rich as you allow. Trust in that and all that you choose to co-create and experience in this lifetime.

Live each moment fully. Be present. Radiate your light, love, and energy like the spark of the Divine you are.

And remember that random acts of kindness and the boundless positive ripples they create are free, plentiful, and most assuredly preferred.



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