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I Feel So Crushed

Love , Relationships , Life Direction / Purpose


I am currently single but completely in love with my six-month old daughter’s father. I spend a lot of time with him and my daughter. However, I can't take much more, as he does not care for me like I care for him.

I feel so crushed inside and do not know what to do.



Dear I Feel So Crushed

Always remember your innate inner beauty, strength, and wisdom. You are whole and complete just as you are.

When love is not reciprocated in-kind, it can sting, hurt, and cause pain, however, do not overlook the obvious.

This man is demonstrating to you where he stands and what he is capable of or ready for and you would be wise to listen, even when your heart desires a different outcome.

If the father of your child does not have the same feelings for you as you do for him, seek to expeditiously remove yourself from his company and move forward in the most loving manner possible.

And remember, while you may no longer be a couple, you will forever be the parents of a beautiful child, and that takes precedent.

Focus on her wellbeing by demonstrating your own; your own self-value, self-worth, and self-love.

By changing course willingly, you allow yourself and others to grow and evolve while demonstrating your ability to take the high road.

In time, he may come to change his mind, and if he does, the ball will be in your court to decide at that time whether or not you feel it is in your / everyone’s best interest to give him a second chance or simply keep things as is.

If he doesn’t, you will have the benefit of knowing this vital information early on, so you may plan your life accordingly while pursuing and achieving ever-greater experiences within your own journey.

What’s most important is that each of you, and the child you brought into the world, achieve and experience a life of peace, love, joy, and happiness.

Life is far too precious to waste. And the joy and blessings of the precious gift you chose, your daughter, will teach you many great things as you will her, if you simply focus on the more positive aspects in life while simultaneously continuing to make room for them in your daily life.

Cherish, love, and embrace that, knowing there are no mistakes in life, only grand opportunities to learn, grow, evolve, transcend, and ascend.

In time, however it plays out, you will come to see the reasons behind every pit fall you were protected from and every moment of grace you were afforded.

Therein lies true wisdom and gratitude for the wondrous journey of truth and purity your soul chose to experience this time around.



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