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I Try So Hard

Love , Relationships , Life


I try so hard to find love, but it never fails, I always end up getting hurt!!! My last one was a bad drug addict, so I let him go. Do I have to be alone forever?



Dear I Try So Hard

The lyrics "looking for love in all the wrong places" came careening to mind.

The issue here is that until you change the way you see and love yourself, those that you attract are inevitably going to continue to mirror your current state of self-worth, self-value, etc.

Everything and everyone are energy, and whether you are consciously or unconsciously aware of this fact and your current state of being, like attracts like energetically speaking.

Thus the energetic resonance you are currently emitting attracts people, places, and things which are below what you truly desire and yet equivalent in the now. And that continues to bring about hurt, heartache, and disappointment.

In order to experience a higher level of love, relationships, life experiences, etc., you must first raise the resonance and vibration of your own frequency.

Love yourself more. Take yourself out on a date. Learn to love your own company. Find joy in everything you do. Challenge your life choices. See yourself in a new light. Earnestly feel you are worthy of greater love, better relationships, and life experiences, and so shall it be, for you will no longer be the person you were.

You will have changed your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, actions, the people you associate with, the places you frequent, and perhaps even where you live and work.

All will change because you have changed and that will in turn attract a new caliber of people and experiences into your life.

YOU ARE LOVE! And once you come to realize that, you will never again sell yourself short. You will never again give your power away or look to or for another to fill a void or complete you.

You will be whole and sovereign, know your own worth and value, and say to anyone to whom you invite into your life, you do not complete me, but rather you compliment me, and that is absolutely worth the time and effort it takes to arrive at such a wonderful state of being, renewal, and resonance.

Do you have to be alone forever? No you do not!

Make the internal changes now, and continue making and choosing them every minute of every single day, so that your life and the people in it mirror the cornucopia you are and so richly deserve.

And remember, everywhere you go, there you are.



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