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How Can I Make Sure

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Why did I choose for this lifetime to be a struggle with mental illness? And how can I make sure it doesn't happen again?



Dear How Can I Make Sure

In every lifetime, well in advance of our arrival, our soul plans out that which will most benefit us in our overall soul growth and evolution.

From karmic relationships and the clearing and rebalancing of karma, to the evolution required to gain greater ascension, the soul meticulously selects and curates every facet of its upcoming journey through time and space to prepare its co-created experience, a human incarnation of the divine.

The only real caveat along the way is how free will ultimately affects each individual and their respective experiences.

The major highlights are predestined if-you-will, much like making a journey by car from one coast to the other.

You look at the journey before you, knowing your departure and arrival locations, what route is best suited to reach your destination, where you will stay along the route, and the length of time it will take you to complete your journey.

Every choice you make along the way, which adds to and/or diminishes from, are representations of free will, including any attempts to avoid, ignore, deviate, challenge, and/or fully embody and embrace the pre-curated soul experience.

Mental health challenges play a major role in the souls development, human experience, and karmic cleansing-rebalancing, and are rooted in a multitude of factors and/or reasons at a soul level.

Regardless of those factors or reasons, the soul is very much aware of the use and presence of mental health issues in experiencing and achieving its intended experience/goal, evolutionary growth and ascension.

Therefor there are no mistakes in life, everything serves a purpose, all is truly neutral by divine law and design, and it is up to each of us to pierce the veil of illusion so as to see beyond any perceived deficiency or limitation in order to receive the inherent gift held within.

It is also important to know that souls will also take on a certain role or experience for the benefit of other souls. Thus it is equally possible that ones mental health challenges were divinely designed, orchestrated, and agreed upon for the growth and benefit of both self and others.

Remember, karma, which is the balancing of energy, is active and present at all times, in all things, and is neutral by design.

Thus your struggle with mental illness is present in order to teach you and most likely others, lessons cloaked in their opposite. It is only our perception about a life experience that colors or defines it as positive or negative.

Beyond every judgment lies a deeper, often times hidden truth, as our life experiences are meant to refine us not define us.

Realize that it is not about making sure it doesn’t happen again, but rather in seeing and coming to terms with why your soul chose it in the first place.

What opportunity does it offer you and others in this lifetime? What obscured gift is hidden just below the surface? What peace might be achieved by seeing it from a new perspective: from a place of strength and empowerment versus burden or curse?

Make no mistake about it, mental health issues are one of life’s most challenging aspects, while also being one of the souls greatest tools, greatest teachers. It demonstrates vividly where we as a whole, both the individual whole and the greater whole, are out of balance, out of unity, out of sync, out of oneness, and not just in this lifetime, but cumulatively.

Mental health issues run the gamut from mild to severe to outright unprecedented and extreme and everywhere in between. There is no one-size fits all either when it comes to addressing mental health, as each person’s journey is unique.

Thus their experience and ability or inability to treat, manage, cope, and overcome their mental health challenges is predicated on a series of cumulative actions seeking to achieve and restore balance and harmony.

And it is high time we collectively address and correct the root cause(s) of these many imbalances, with courage, strength, honesty, and a zero tolerance regarding any shame or blame.

We as a society must be the answer we seek.

What can you do in this lifetime to positively effect the next, listen to and lead with your soul.

At every opportunity seek to heal from the inside out. Actively seek out professional assistance, engage proven methods that calm the mind, soothe the body, and restore greater balance, harmony, and wellbeing.

Practice daily meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and other physical activities that increase endorphins while positively altering your overall physiology. Make a lifestyle change by incorporating better dietary choices.

We are what we eat.

Take soothing baths infused with honey, milk, and essential oils of lavender, rose, citrus, and rosemary. Incorporate westernized medicine, and weekly therapy while you investigate alternative, holistic remedies.

And do not hesitate for a moment to reach out and seek help when you are in need.

There is no shame in openly acknowledging your mental health struggles. In fact, you may just find it is exactly that unapologetic, pure, raw approach and admission that empowers you the most, leading you to your greatest discoveries, truths, liberation and healing.

Ultimately you are love and you are whole and complete, irrespective of any perceived deficiency. Believe this always, knowing you will find your way back to wholeness.

Each step is a baby step toward achieving your souls most precious desire…oneness.

Side Note: Anyone experiencing mental health issues may wish to familiarize themselves with the following sources as well as others: www.nimh.nih.gov - www.nami.org - www.bachflower.com - www.betterhelp.com (*no endorsement or association is implied and you are advised to independently consult with, research and discern what sources and forms of treatment are best suited for you)



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