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Missing The Mark

Awareness , Life Direction / Purpose , Faith


I feel that my whole life I’ve been underachieving, missing the mark, and coming up short of my potential. Success eludes me. I have trouble following through, earning a living (though I’ve improved), and completing projects.

I’m always tired and often distracted. I’m happy but I feel like the energy to plan and execute ideas confuses and exhausts me. Though I have made great strides in my life, I wish I could harness my creativity and intelligence to express myself.

Though I love daydreaming and resting, I want to feel more alive. Is it diet, ADD, a repressed thought, a mental block?

Help me find a breakthrough. I want to evolve. I want to create. I want to know God.



Dear Missing The Mark

The flow of that which evades you also pervades you. “It’s all in the playing” as Shirley MacLaine once said.

It’s as if the closer you get to that which you seek, the further away it becomes. A serendipitous moving of the goal posts if-you-will, however, it doesn’t feel serendipitous to you, it feels frustrating, elusive, self-deprecating and self-defeating.

The more time you spend in your head, the more time you feel disconnected from the realty you find yourself “living” in.

This is not to say that the time spent in your head dreaming, creating, writing, resting, and being mindful isn’t of great or paramount value, it is, it’s just that it also simultaneously distances and distracts you from the 3D world in which you currently live / reside.

And therein lie both the conundrum and the opportunity; how to bridge these two realities so as to truly LIVE, create and experience true success, meaningful relationships, the list goes on.

Clearly you are meant to live the life you are living as nothing ever occurs by accident. On the contrary, your life and that of every other incarnate and discarnate being is a highly orchestrated, incredibly intricate creation co-created and manifested with, by, and through the Divine: as is all of creation known and unknown to us.

The trick is in “merging the multiple fields of your known realities” with those of the unknown. In other words, bridging the gap, so as to expand your state of consciousness while simultaneously increasing and applying your “usefulness.”

Never not a trickster in disguise, God, Source, The Universe, et al are consistently challenging our perceived wisdom and knowledge, the limits of our understanding and capacity for change, and our willingness to grow and evolve; ascend if-you-will, for God, Source, and The Universe is a living God, a vast spectrum of unity, consciousness, and expression, not a stagnant, fixed, invisible being who ceases to evolve, reinvent, and re-imagine itself.

So seek out and remain open to the many ways by which you may bridge these two worlds. And when one or more ways rise to the surface over the others, seize it while remaining fluid so as to see and experience fully where it leads you.

That in and of itself is success, as it requires discernment, focus, fluidity, creativity, faith, and a belief in serving something higher than oneself.

Is both your health and diet an issue? Yes. You could definitely attune yourself to a higher caliber diet while doing your best to reduce and/or eliminate refined / processed sugars – sweets.

Your body is aching for, almost calling out or screaming for more healthy options. i.e. natural/vegan/raw/Mediterranean (very prized choice for you – the Mediterranean diet) while also incorporating plenty of liquids (herbal teas, alkaline-based water, cold pressed juices chock full of vitamins, antioxidants, and the like) as well as occasional infusions of chlorophyll found in wheatgrass.

However, be mindful in both your approach and intake of the above elements as you seek to strike the right balance. Too much or too little of any one ingredient can and will adjust the scales of harmony and balance. So go slow, be thorough, and LISTEN to your body, as it will SPEAK to you.

Eventually, just like the above dietary issues, the balance you seek between mind, body, and spirit will be achieved by listening to and leading with your SOUL. That inner voice of wisdom, clarity, calm, and peace, that never leads you astray.

Aside from the above, seek to meet and deal with the seven-year old child you left behind and dare one say abandoned. He holds all the cards, that which you’ve been seeking for the better part of a lifetime, and are finally ready to meet and make peace with.

Then integrate all of the other opportunities outlined above, and once you’ve found the strength and vitality that you thought was missing, you’ll come to realize everything you ever needed was already there within you, for to know God and all that is perfect and possible is to know yourself.

And lastly, remember to never again give away your power to another. You are a whole and complete sovereign being; co-created from and made manifest in the limitless possibilities and expression of the Divine: Love, Love, & more Love.

Go ahead, get started – YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!



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