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Need a Hand

Relationships , Future , Insight


In 2017 I lost two family members in a very short time, and then hit rock bottom of a relationship that I couldn’t seem to quit until it about ruined my life.

So last year I spent too much and ate too much and I suppose just let myself be depressed. This year I would really like to live and get out of the sadness.

I guess I’m just really needing some insight and reassurance that things can be as I dream and hope them to be.

I’m sorry, I know this isn’t really even a direct question, I guess I just need someone to tell me it’s going to be ok. Thanks for your time.



Dear Need a Hand

Loss is never easy until we see it for the illusion that it is.

That is in no way to diminish, devalue, or otherwise dismiss what you have gone through and experienced, but rather to offer a different lens by which to see things so that it might re-invigorate / re-inspire you and your hopes, dreams, and wishes.

At present, the human experience is one of a physical nature, and thus any physical loss is both painful and emotional, and can greatly impact our lives.

That said, it is also equally important to remember that everything is energy, including us humans, and energy can never be extinguished, only transmuted.

Thus your loved ones are as alive today as they were yesterday, just in another form and sphere of energy. These are immutable truths.

Once you are open to connecting with them, albeit in a new way, you will see that their presence in your life continues.

While the rules of engagement and how they present themselves in your life change, their ongoing presence and soul contract with you does not.

Think of them, speak with them, listen to them, and take them with you when you go places, and then be open to how they respond and affirm their presence.

From a scent, to a memory, to a billboard or a passing line in a movie, TV show or commercial, to a comment from a family member, friend or stranger, to nature herself, they will respond, making both their presence, comfort, and ongoing love known to you.

The loss of a relationship can also be overwhelming, until we see that hidden in the husk of our purported loss is the fruit of our salvation, our renewal.

We are rarely ever unaware of the ongoing problems in our relationships. How we got there, why we entered into them in the first place, what we thought we could change in ourselves or the other person, or otherwise overcome or ignore altogether.

And yet therein lie both the illusion and the gift buried in the breakup, the ending…the loss: the inevitable responsibility of facing ourselves, our truth(s), our opportunities for transcendence, and ascendance.

When we are open and honest with ourselves, and each other, we acknowledge what we inherently already know or knew, while opening ourselves to the possibilities of what lies beyond the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one.

We come to see through the illusion of loss and death, and find instead that which is and always will be neutral and divine in nature; a soul experience so rich by its very nature, that we choose to celebrate its many gifts and lessons as opposed to fall prey to them.

Your hopes, dreams, and wishes are as alive and ever possible as you make them. Cherish them, breathe new life into them, or release them in order to make room for new ones.

Regardless, hold them dearly and steadfastly yet loosely enough to allow the Universe to bring them to you in Divine time and order.

All in life can and will be okay so long as you choose to see it that way. As Mike Dooley of The Universe Talks says, Thoughts are Things…Choose the Good Ones! ®



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