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Should I Be Worried

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There is someone who keeps coming to my store and wanting me to go out with him. Should I be worried? Should I leave it alone?



Dear Should I Be Worried

Going with your gut is ALWAYS a wise and prudent choice in situations like these.

And by your gut I mean your intuition, internal compass, internal radar, etc.

Embedded in your question is the fact that you already have doubts or concerns about this person, their character, your safety, etc.

Listen to those feelings, signals, sounds and voices speaking to you from within.

The ego mind will inevitably lead you astray, rationalize away any concerns, tell you it’s not what you think it is, etc. etc. etc. Your soul however will always point and guide you in the right direction: to the truth, your truth, your true north.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the attention of an admirer unless he or she emits a vibe that conjures up worry and/or concern within. In those instances you need to heed that inner warning system, graciously decline, and leave it alone.

Should he or she continue their unwelcome and unsolicited attention and interest, be resolute in your position and continue to graciously decline.

However, should you ever feel as though you are in imminent danger and/or worried for your wellbeing due to this person, their interest in you or any actions they may have exhibited towards you, do not hesitate to seek assistance with either local law enforcement and/or the courts.

More often than not, the interest, actions, and admiration of others are harmless, and once the recipient of said interest makes their lack of interest known, the potential suitor moves on.

However, in some cases, people have a hard time taking no for an answer, and this would certainly be a red flag and cause for heightened awareness when it comes to such an individual.

In your circumstance, it feels as though he’s more bark than bite, at least initially.

However, he’s also an individual that appears to get what he wants, and once he has what he wants, you may not like what presents itself.

This may just be one of those times where it’s better to leave well enough alone; allowing him to gradually get the hint and move on to another person of interest.



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