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Is It Possible To

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Will my daughter stop drinking? Is it possible for me to find a soul mate? And how can I improve my work and relationship with my boss?



Dear Is It Possible To

Finding a soul mate is like discovering a new galaxy, planet or universe; far more rare but not completely out of the question.

Finding love is like witnessing a shooting star; special, exciting, and depending on where you are occurs far more frequently, even nightly if-you-will.

The problem lies in conflating the two as many a romantic falls into despair when they can’t find their soul mate leaving ample a lover, partner, friend, or companion to wither on the vine.

Love comes in many forms and facets, so be open to how, when, and where it presents itself in your life.

Your daughter’s drinking habits are borderline alcoholism. Her stopping or amending her habits is dependent upon whether or not she addresses the underlying root causes.

Anger and resentment, primarily at you, plays a huge role, however, as she knows, that is both misguided and futile.

Once she takes responsibility for her own life, actions, choices, and the like, her drinking habits will change; until then, it’s a roll of the dice.

As for your career and current environment, there appears to be quite a lot of frustration and mistrust between the two of you.

The idiom “when the cats away the mouse(s) will play” keeps playing in my head over and over and over again.

It appears that even though you have diligently tried to improve and make up for past acts there appears to be too much water under the bridge.

A fresh start where your career is concerned is highly recommended. Just be mindful to not repeat any prior “bad acts.”

Ultimately all will sort itself out, however, with that said, do all that you can to help yourself.

Positive acts and attitudes go a long way in bringing us that which we desire and in the most expedited of manners.



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