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Can I Let This Hurt Go

Family , Forgiveness , Anger / Rage


Is it normal to love your mother but dislike her at the same time? Is it normal to still be grieving for the loss of my father, both brothers and my grandparents and yet still hold anger towards my mother who was so hateful towards my father when he was ill with pancreatic cancer?

She was so hateful towards my youngest brother, even speaking badly over his dead body to the nurse? Why is she so angry? I don't think she understands that her prescription medication addiction has taken control of her life and I am angry.

Help me understand her for I feel she hates me. Is it just the pill addiction or does she also have traits of schizophrenia much like her uncle and father? I need to understand.

I'm 55 and I still feel like my mother doesn't love me. How much longer does my mother have on this earth? She is miserable and unhappy. She never leaves her house and speaks about loved ones who have passed on like they are still in the present.

What have I done? How do I forgive and accept a woman who is so negative and angry all the time? Perhaps if I could understand her mental state I could better understand her. My entire life I have tried to understand her and I have been physically and emotionally abused by her.

Can I let this hurt go? I want to.



Dear Can I Let This Hurt Go

Not only can you but you must.

Holding onto any type of anger, rage, resentment, and hate is incredibly toxic to you.

And while you may be baffled in the present moment as to why you would have entered into such a soul agreement with her, the answer is actually quite simple.

You desired to experience and understand forgiveness on a grand scale.

And in order to forgive, you must be willing to truly recognize and embrace the deeper life lessons and gifts being offered and their neutrality and divinity from a soul/source perspective.

This is especially true when the life experiences and lessons are cloaked in a veil of opposites.

By seeing through these illusions; your mother’s words, actions, deeds, and addiction(s); you free yourself from their enslavement.

This liberation allows you to transcend these many lessons as opposed to becoming them.

Cease looking outwardly for the explanations, answers, love, acceptance, and approval you seek and instead discover it waiting patiently within.

None of the resolution you seek is dependent upon your mother changing. Rather it is achieved by delving below the surface, discerning the real lesson(s), and then living in gratitude and appreciation for the role she played in bring forth these many life gifts.

She is but a character in your own play, playing the role you asked of her.

This truth is willingly accepted when the experiences are of a “positive” nature and summarily shunned and denied when presented in the cloak of an opposite aka a “negative” experience.

Is it normal to love your mother or any other human for that matter but not actually like them; absolutely. And just because you love them doesn’t mean you need subject yourself to their continued abuses, actions, unconsciousness, etc.

We are all here to learn from one another, experience life in a constant state of reciprocity with source and all of its many facets, while achieving ever-greater transcendence and ascendance.

With any life lesson, you’ll know when you are prepared and ready to release it. Do so with confidence, peace, and joy, and a resolute commitment to not repeat it; for the Universe will certainly test you just to be sure.

In the end, gratitude for the growth achieved will be your victory and source your saving grace.

Many heartfelt blessings to you.



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