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Will I

Love , Future , Child / Children / Grandchildren


Will I be set for life?
Will I live near my grandchildren?
Will I get well? I have chronic pain/anxiety/panic attacks.
Will I be with my husband? My husband is a shaman; is there room for me in his life?



Dear Will I

Every question you ask can be interpreted and answered from two perspectives: literally and figuratively.

While I understand you are speaking of a settlement or windfall, are you not already “set for life?” And if not, why not?

Being set for life is as much a state of mind or being as it is physical or monetary in nature.

There are those that appear to have nothing in the way of physical, monetary, or modern assets and yet they are rich beyond measure.

Set for life simply by nature of their outlook, happiness, inner joy, beliefs, and practices.

Living near your grandchildren is also relative as who’s to say that proximity naturally derives closeness.

You could be clear around the globe and still forge an unbreakable bond and connection with them. Likewise, you could be living next door and never see each other.

The same goes for being in a state of harmony, balance, and oneness with your husband.

When aligned, absence does make the heart grow fonder, and individual deeds, restrictions, and/or desires need not separate that which is joined by divine will and covenant.

If it is so desired by both so shall it be.

Clinical and psychological studies routinely demonstrate the power the mind has over individual health and wellness. The placebo effect is but one such study.

The point is not in any way to minimize your specific health experiences, but rather to open you to alternate modalities, opportunities, and thus hopeful remedies and outcomes.

Will you be set for life? No, not in the way you mean or envision, however, that doesn’t mean that what you do receive won’t go a long way in bringing you greater comfort and peace of mind.

That said; there’s still a lot of work to do on your part.

Will you live near your grandchildren? That doesn’t appear to be a long-term solution for various known reasons, however, that doesn’t mean you won’t have your fair share of both long and short visits.

Make each moment together memorable and all the other times in between.

Will you get well? Yes you will, however, again, you are just as much responsible for your overall wellbeing and health as any medical professional, organization, etc. So commit to making the emotional, physical, mental, and emotional lifestyle changes necessary in order to manifest the outcome you desire.

Will you be with your husband? It appears there are many issues that way on and effect this union. Perhaps by committing to, focusing on, and bringing about earnest changes in these other areas of your life, you bring about a renewed levity to this union.

Something that can and will serve both of you in the long run; you need only make it so.



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