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I Need Some Insight

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I am writing to you in regards to feeling completely lost and afraid my thoughts and feelings will be detrimental to my current relationship with a nice man. I was married for 25 years and my ex pretty much rejected me in every way of our relationship, so I gave him what he wanted and divorced him.

During this time my son had been in and out of prison and jail due to crime and drugs and that took a toll on the whole family, leaving me childless in a sense where I cannot see or talk to my grandkids.

My daughter wants nothing to do with me and I am hurt. Being the rock of the family I feel like I failed my family. My son's ex wife refuses to allow me to keep my relationship with my granddaughter since I moved to Texas after living in that hell in Minnesota.

I'm scared, feel alone, and was told lies in order to move here. My family here is very distant and uses me for their benefit and that is it.

I have been trying to find a good job, but nothing. I met a man who says he loves me, but I get scared and worry that he isn't being for real and I am not sure what to think. I need some insight on what you see for my life, career and healing in my family and myself?

Please help me.



Dear I Need Some Insight

With so much out of balance here, you’re going to want to take a long, hard look at the truth.

Not your truth or their truth but THE truth.

Somewhere in the middle lies this truth, all of its lessons, and every action, deed, word, and deceit perpetrated by each individual.

Until you are able to see this truth clearly, your roll and participation in all of it, and how it has effected your current situation, you’ll be lost in the fog and denial of your choices and actions, just like the other parties involved will be.

By universal design and divine intent, no one is a victim, everything serves a purpose, and it is only our lack of greater conscious awareness, and our perceptions and beliefs that color and define it otherwise.

In order to clear and realign this tsunami of karmic interaction, each of you must be willing to look at yourselves honestly and make real changes within.

Acknowledge your faults, foibles, and offenses; own them for they are yours, atone for them, and then release them and move forward vowing never to repeat them again.

This will require substantial effort and commitment on your part until it becomes second nature to you.

Having broken the cycle of your past opens the way for the life you always dreamed of living to reach you, to enter, to manifest.

No longer dependent upon others for validation, approval, and security; your self-value and self-worth will become self-evident.

And this state of wholeness will offer you renewed empowerment to carry on regardless of other people’s entanglements.

Be the change you wish to see in others as the end result truly does speak for itself.



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