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Out Of The Blue

Break-Up , Dating , Marriage


A few years ago my daughter went through a terrible out of the blue break-up. I saw all the heartache she was going through. This was a relationship that started in high school and ended when she was 23 years old with no warning. She started dating in the fall of 2017. She is with a new guy and as a parent I want to see her happy. Will this one be the one?



Dear Out Of The Blue

Often times the curveball that comes out of left field is the course correction your life needed…whether you realized it or not.

In your daughter’s case, this couldn’t have been more true.

Complacency was taking hold in the former relationship and that was leading to less than honorable actions on his part.

Every soul grows at its own pace, and on a soul level pre agrees to the duration it will journey with any other soul and what each soul will learn, experience, achieve, and transcend via the union.

Some relationships are meant to last a lifetime, others a fleeting moment in time.

Be thankful this breakup served as a wakeup call to and for your daughter, as it should have shaken her out of her complacency and into a state of greater heightened consciousness and awareness.

She has a tendency to go through life in somewhat of a ho-hum state, and while that is wonderful in some regards it can be detrimental in others.

Your daughter will want to shake things up by becoming more comfortable in her own skin while also actively activating activities and opportunities that serve to further empower and enrich her individual sovereignty.

She is a strong woman and has never been in need of saving, and the more she invokes experiences that demonstrate and reinforce this truth, the more free and evolved she becomes.

Will this one be the one??? The jury is still currently out on this one as it is utterly dependent upon where each stands internally and their reason(s) for coming together.
Every experience in life is a reflection by which we may see ourselves more fully.

This truth applies to both the micro (individual) and the macro (society at large).

Something tells me the current relationship is yet another stop on her journey of self-discovery to an ever-greater state of oneness.

That said, do not despair, as all experiences are neutral and divine by nature, and her ultimate joy, success, and happiness in life is assured.

She’s merely gathering the necessary tools and experiences to make it so.



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