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Where Is My Son Headed?

Addiction , Abuse (Mental / Physical / Emotional / Sexual) , Chronic Illness


Where is my son headed?



Dear Where Is My Son Headed?

There's a lot going on "behind the scenes" here.

Demons, desires, and bottomless voids are trying to be filled and conquered in ways that simply drive one further and further down and away from his innate nature, light, and goodness, as well as certain family members and friends.

His vision of the world doesn't match or mirror yours.

His experience is wounded, filled with suffering and remorse, almost abstract in nature, as if he is experiencing these things remotely, without care of the consequences or consideration.

In many ways he feels helpless to stop them, as if an overriding force takes hold and leads him astray.

No doubt, this is a painful journey for all involved.

His addictions and binges ebb and flow; come and go; as if a tempest storm arises out of nowhere, leaving behind in its wake stillness and ruin.

He fights against this repetitive cycle, until he can't, and then he simply "rides out the raging storm within."

How this will ultimately play out is not being shown.

What is being shown is that everything happens for a reason, and when we surrender and accept this universal truth, even when the experiences are "negative" in nature, we open ourselves to see, accept, and experience the divinity lying just below the husks of a rough and protective exterior.

With all your heart and soul, love your son regardless of the outcome, challenges, and journey.

Attempt, with great gentleness, to engage him, his world, and all that he is feeling and expressing, so as to glimpse and understand his souls journey, your role, and that which he is teaching everyone by his experiences.

Continue to do this all of the days of your life, allowing each revelation to unfold in due course and time.

By doing so, you will bear witness to and penetrate the deeper lessons and levels of life, the gifts held within when we have the courage and resolve to uncover them; forever rejecting the reactionary act of stopping short and cleaving to what readily lies at the surface.

Continue to seek professional assistance and care for your son and yourself/family via support groups, in/out patient care, etc.

With Angels and the Grace of God with you, may you each experience and achieve peace, love, joy, and happiness.



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