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I Desire To Be

Dating , Marriage , Life Direction / Purpose


I need some direction in life. I desire to be in a relationship and be married, but I always seem to attract or meet people that don't appear to be serious or just want sex. Any advice on how I can or if I can stop that and attract and meet someone for me?

I'm clueless, and want to understand more clearly my life, direction, and what to do.



Dear I Desire To Be

You most certainly can change the choices and circumstances that are perpetually re-creating the same experiences and outcomes over and over again in your life.

It’s literally as simple as choosing it to be different.

That doesn’t mean one day you yell out, hey you, I’m interested in being married, you’re attractive, so you’re now my husband.

Far from it: as it actually has nothing to do with other people and everything to do with your thoughts and perspectives, and the actions that occur as a result.

Somewhere within lie both the feeling and belief of you not truly being worthy of that which you long for: a long-term, committed, loving relationship.

So in order to fill that longing, you place out into the world both the lack and the willingness to accept something less than.

Human beings intuitively pick up on the energies other human beings emit.

Thus they are able to easily tell when you are happy, sad, angry, or in a state of neediness or lack.

This opens the floodgates for others to simply mirror back to or take that which you are offering, or worse, encounter a master manipulator who sees and preys upon your weaknesses.

The way to change this dynamic for good is to change your internal beliefs, perceptions, and dialogue.

It’s nothing short of an inside job!

You simply must begin with yourself: look within and begin clearing out and reprogramming all limiting and/or destructive beliefs, habits, thoughts, and actions that do not align and support your highest and best.

Each time you sense one of these lesser elements entering your consciousness, immediately stop and do something to countermand it.

However, ensure that your countermeasures serve the new you and not that which knowingly leads you back down the same empty pathway.

It’s an old cliché, but a true one, you simply need to love yourself more.

And once you commit to that goal, aligning every thought, action, and deed to that end, the outcome is assured.

Then, having literally become a new person, the “right” person for you will naturally appear; mirroring back to you the love you already have for yourself.

Two halves no longer searching for a whole: but rather two wholes in compliment with the other.

Clarity not Clueless…wins the day.



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