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Smile On My Face

Life Direction , Career , Happiness


I'm writing my question with a big smile on my face. What is my life direction and could it be in alignment with my career? I'm smiling because I'm an astrologer, reading astrological charts for others having started doing this ten years ago.

I feel like I hide, sabotage or go away from what I could do sometimes. I feel that it is so good just to be alive and just "to be" that I can't even say I am tired.

I feel like and see that I'm going through big changes and preparing myself for a little bit bigger audience. I've started to make records, which for me is a huge challenge. I'm very spontaneous and sometimes not really in good balance with my and my families practical needs.

Would you please comment on my situation and give me some advice?



Dear Smile On My Face

Following your passion takes commitment; of course we should first address whether or not astrology is your passion…your purpose.

Something’s telling me that while you do indeed love astrology, it may not be what gets you up and going in the morning.

It feels more like a hobby to you than an actual serious career.

That being the case, you will want to delve deeper to determine what else truly inspires or calls you.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being good or great at something, and not taking it to a higher level or broader audience.

What is absolutely crucial though is being authentic: authentic about your decisions, intentions, motivations, desires, etc.

Your authenticity, or lack thereof, is a palpable energetic people pick up on, and when dealing with the public, purity speaks truth.

In order to align your life direction with your career, you are going to first need to be very clear about what it is you love, how you wish to serve and show up in the world, and then discern and instigate a plan that makes it a reality.

Life direction and career can certainly be in harmony and concert with the other; you simply must choose it to be so.

Once you’ve committed to living your passions, remain open as to how the Universe shows up to assist you in that endeavor.

Sometimes you have to risk it all in order to succeed, other times the simplest of acts in a consistent manner does the trick.

Ultimately it’s about listening to your innate wisdom, following your inner compass, and marrying those elements with authentic action, so as to live the life of dreams, bring about necessary change, and/or find yourself at the top of your craft.

From that vantage point, the smile on your face will be self-explanatory.



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