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Child / Children / Grandchildren | Mila | DearJames
Child / Children / Grandchildren , Dating , Career / Work / Job
Will my daughter stop drinking? Is it possible for me to find a soul mate? And how can I improve my work and relationship with my boss?
Family | Anonymous | DearJames
Family , Forgiveness , Anger / Rage
Is it normal to love your mother but dislike her at the same time? Is it normal to still be grieving for the loss of my father, both brothers and my grandparents and yet still hold anger towards my mother who was so hateful towards my father when he was ill with pancreatic cancer? She was so hateful towards my youngest brother, even speaking badly over his dead body to the nurse? Why is she so angry? I don't think she understands that her prescription medication addiction has taken control of her life and I am angry. Help me understand her for I feel she hates me. Is it just the pill addiction or does she also have traits of schizophrenia much like her uncle and father? I need to understand. I'm 55 and I still feel like my mother doesn't love me. How much longer does my mother have on this earth? She is miserable and unhappy. She never leaves her house and speaks about loved ones who have passed on like they are still in the present. What have I done? How do I forgive and accept a woman who is so negative and angry all the time? Perhaps if I could understand her mental state I could better understand her. My entire life I have tried to understand her and I have been physically and emotionally abused by her. Can I let this hurt go? I want to.
Love | Anonymous | DearJames
Love , Future , Child / Children / Grandchildren
Will I be set for life? Will I live near my grandchildren? Will I get well? I have chronic pain/anxiety/panic attacks. Will I be with my husband? My husband is a shaman; is there room for me in his life?
Career / Work / Job | Lola | DearJames
Career / Work / Job , Child / Children / Grandchildren , Happiness
I am writing to you in regards to feeling completely lost and afraid my thoughts and feelings will be detrimental to my current relationship with a nice man. I was married for 25 years and my ex pretty much rejected me in every way of our relationship, so I gave him what he wanted and divorced him. During this time my son had been in and out of prison and jail due to crime and drugs and that took a toll on the whole family, leaving me childless in a sense where I cannot see or talk to my grandkids. My daughter wants nothing to do with me and I am hurt. Being the rock of the family I feel like I failed my family. My son's ex wife refuses to allow me to keep my relationship with my granddaughter since I moved to Texas after living in that hell in Minnesota. I'm scared, feel alone, and was told lies in order to move here. My family here is very distant and uses me for their benefit and that is it. I have been trying to find a good job, but nothing. I met a man who says he loves me, but I get scared and worry that he isn't being for real and I am not sure what to think. I need some insight on what you see for my life, career and healing in my family and myself? Please help me.
Break-Up | jules | DearJames
Break-Up , Dating , Marriage
A few years ago my daughter went through a terrible out of the blue break-up. I saw all the heartache she was going through. This was a relationship that started in high school and ended when she was 23 years old with no warning. She started dating in the fall of 2017. She is with a new guy and as a parent I want to see her happy. Will this one be the one?
Future | Lgs324 | DearJames
Future , Happiness , Life Direction / Purpose
I’ve had personal relationship problems all my life. I just ended a 10-year relationship that was difficult and toxic. I’m not even sure I want a partner at this point but I get lonely for companionship. What is your advice?
Life Direction / Purpose | Ms | DearJames
Life Direction / Purpose , Relationships , Awareness
Should I stay with my current partner or is he the hindrance to my elevation?
Disorder(s) Eating / Sleeping | Feeling Stuck | DearJames
Disorder(s) Eating / Sleeping , Health , Self-Worth
What is holding me back from losing weight? I know I need to but I'm an emotional eater and cannot stop.
Child / Children / Grandchildren | Concerned Mom | DearJames
Child / Children / Grandchildren , Abuse (Mental / Physical / Emotional / Sexual) , Communication / Miscommunication
My grown daughter hasn't completely dealt with her childhood sexual abuse and I'm concerned about the choices she's currently making in her life. What will it take for her to see that all her perfectionistic attempts at happiness aren't the answer, and she may be just trying another "fix"?
Life | Anonymous | DearJames
Life , Future , Awareness
What do you see taking place in my life over the next several months?
Life | Anonymous | DearJames
Life , Health , Future
Am I going to make it through what's going on in my life now?
Career / Work / Job | Anonymous | DearJames
Career / Work / Job , Faith , Future
We are thinking of expanding our home-based business; is it a good idea to do so? And, a question about praying/prayers: what's the best way to pray? Is there a specific entity to pray to like the Catholic Saints or God/Source, or is praying just manifesting what we really desire?
Addiction | Anonymous | DearJames
Addiction , Abuse (Mental / Physical / Emotional / Sexual) , Chronic Illness
Where is my son headed?
Dating | Anonymous | DearJames
Dating , Marriage , Life Direction / Purpose
I need some direction in life. I desire to be in a relationship and be married, but I always seem to attract or meet people that don't appear to be serious or just want sex. Any advice on how I can or if I can stop that and attract and meet someone for me? I'm clueless, and want to understand more clearly my life, direction, and what to do.
Adultery / Betrayal / Cheating | Confused | DearJames
Adultery / Betrayal / Cheating , Break-Up , Confusion
I found out this past March that my boyfriend of seven years was having an on again off again affair with another woman. At the latter end of the affair, they were basically living together; and although he would not let me go, he chose her. We have had contact during this time and maintained a friendship while he was with her. We decided that it seemed we still had feelings and have recently been trying again. In the past week or so I feel he may have contacted her. My question is should I walk away from this mess or will it work out for the best?
Life Direction |  Aura  | DearJames
Life Direction , Career , Happiness
I'm writing my question with a big smile on my face. What is my life direction and could it be in alignment with my career? I'm smiling because I'm an astrologer, reading astrological charts for others having started doing this ten years ago. I feel like I hide, sabotage or go away from what I could do sometimes. I feel that it is so good just to be alive and just "to be" that I can't even say I am tired. I feel like and see that I'm going through big changes and preparing myself for a little bit bigger audience. I've started to make records, which for me is a huge challenge. I'm very spontaneous and sometimes not really in good balance with my and my families practical needs. Would you please comment on my situation and give me some advice?
Money | Sheas | DearJames
Money , Debt , Future
I was made bankrupt in 2012, but discharged from it in 2013. I've recently been told by credit agency websites it's a negative impact on my score not having a mobile phone bill. I've tried to change the name of the contract phone I've been using for over four years now, but was declined. How does that work? I need to have a mobile phone contract to improve my credit score and yet I'm declined when I try! I have never missed a single payment in all the years I've had the mobile phone contract in my name or otherwise. Please help.
Death | Anonymous | DearJames
Death , Grief , Loss
My husband passed recently. We still don't know the cause of death or why it is taking so long. However, my daughter-in-law's sister had a dream of my husband where he states; "hey I am ok but I am sick." Then he walked into a house and closed the door. What does that mean? Was he actually sick and didn't tell anyone? I want to know what happened to him. I need some closure and this waiting is killing me.
Love | Mandy | DearJames
Love , Confusion , Future
I've loved the same man for eight years. He is my son's father and we've been through him cheating early in the relationship, death, moving, drug addiction (both of us), and him being jailed. He never leaves me alone for long, even when we are split up, 6-hours apart, and two states away. He always texts and calls every couple of months telling me he loves me and he misses me. We were apart for two years and he came to visit me and it was like no time had passed at all. When he held me, hugged me, and kissed my forehead, it felt right in my heart, like love. He stayed three days longer than planned and missed those days of work because he didn't want to leave and I didn't want him to either. He left at 2a.m. so he could make it to court at 8 a.m., and I haven't heard from him since; not a word. I don't think he went to jail but I'm honestly not sure. He had court with the girl he was dating while we were split up. If he doesn't love me then why won't he let me go? And if he does love me then why would he put me through the hell he has? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Love | Anonymous | DearJames
Love , Life , Relationships
Will I find my soul mate, or will I be alone?
Child/Children | Jay | DearJames
Child/Children , Life , Ethics
Will my son change for the better in his sense of responsibility and relationships with others?
Health | Anonymous | DearJames
Health , Sex , Significant Other (Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Partner)
I am 62-yrs old and I have cancer. My husband has not touched me in a loving way for almost a year. He stays angry with me and says things that cut right through me. I'm not sure what to do anymore. I'm not sure of anything anymore. I need help.
Insight | Anonymous | DearJames
Insight , Confusion , Life Direction
I am a mother of four children. I don't have custody of my three boys. I have an eleven-month old daughter with me. My life has been a roller coaster of addiction and uncertainty and my upbringing was not good. My mother was an alcoholic and I was neglected as a young girl, so I know I have a lot of issues. I have faith in God and believe in Jesus Christ. I live with my daughter's father and we have been together for three years and I am honestly surprised we are still together. He is a thoughtful, caring man, but there is something I can't quite understand regarding how he is towards me. He shuts me out, but with everyone else he is freely open. It's like he refuses to connect with me in a way a real relationship is supposed to. Overall he has always shown he doesn't respect or value time with me. I want to know if he is just using me for his own convenience, because that's how I feel. I feel he has narcissism. I pretty much know the truth, but I need more insight on this whole relationship. I feel alone and confused. I also want to know what other areas I should look into to find fulfillment besides my daughter; like a hobby or something. What is my calling? I pray continually to not fall back into addiction because I know myself and am very weak.
Happiness | Anonymous | DearJames
Happiness , Abandonment , Chronic Illness
My whole life I've been severely abused and neglected. I was raped and molested in my teens and most all of my family died pretty young. It seems I've not been truly happy, I believe in karma, and think that's why my family passed young. When does my life path truly become content and happy? It seems no matter what I try I run into devastation. I also suffer from Chiari Malformation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Diabetes, and irregular blood pressure.
Love | Anonymous | DearJames
Love , Starting Over , Communication / Miscommunication
Is my ex boyfriend playing games with me?
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