Anxiety / Nervousness | Anonymous | DearJames
Anxiety / Nervousness , Relocation / Move , Fear
My husband received a promotion at work, and we are about to move across the country. I am excited about this new adventure but also scared and anxious at the same time. We have always had family around us that we could fall back on if we needed the support and I have never lived without my family close by. In one way I am actually excited to get away from all of the drama, yet I am also scared of being alone. I am extremely shy and don't make friends easily. I have social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic attacks. I am being treated, but haven't quite found the right combination of meds to control my anxiety. Do you have any advice or insight that could help me?
Love | Anonymous | DearJames
Love , Relationships , Life Direction / Purpose
I am currently single but completely in love with my six-month old daughter’s father. I spend a lot of time with him and my daughter. However, I can't take much more, as he does not care for me like I care for him. I feel so crushed inside and do not know what to do.
Family | Anonymous | DearJames
Family , Siblings (Brother / Sister / Half / Step) , Optimism
I was adopted at the age of two. I have searched very hard for over five years for my last biological sibling and it would mean a lot to me to find her. I have spent countless hours on the Internet searching white pages, people searches, Facebook (oddly enough how I found all of my other siblings), and I do not have the funds for a private investigator. All I have is her fathers name, approximate date of birth, and the county(s) she was permanently taken from by Child Protective Services. I feel like if I found her, it would be the last remaining piece of the puzzle. I have pictures of her and our birth mother when she was very young. My question is, what resources are available that may help me find her? I feel like I have run out of options that don’t require a ridiculous amount of money that I do not have. I have cried over it and I have been angry over it. I just want closure. I am near hopeless, but I will never give up.
Love | Anonymous | DearJames
Love , Relationships , Life
I try so hard to find love, but it never fails, I always end up getting hurt!!! My last one was a bad drug addict, so I let him go. Do I have to be alone forever?
Health | Anonymous | DearJames
Health , Harmful Thoughts / Behaviors , Life
Why did I choose for this lifetime to be a struggle with mental illness? And how can I make sure it doesn't happen again?
Significant Other (Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Partner) | Michelle | DearJames
Significant Other (Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Partner) , Commitment , Marriage
I met a nice guy a few months ago and have been dating him since. But after my previous marriage failing and my last relationship proving to be a false true love, is this going to be the real deal or just a nice long dating commitment?