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Life Direction / Purpose , Relationships , Awareness
Should I stay with my current partner or is he the hindrance to my elevation?
Child / Children / Grandchildren | Concerned Mom | DearJames
Child / Children / Grandchildren , Abuse (Mental / Physical / Emotional / Sexual) , Communication / Miscommunication
My grown daughter hasn't completely dealt with her childhood sexual abuse and I'm concerned about the choices she's currently making in her life. What will it take for her to see that all her perfectionistic attempts at happiness aren't the answer, and she may be just trying another "fix"?
Concerned Mom
Life | Anonymous | DearJames
Life , Future , Awareness
What do you see taking place in my life over the next several months?
Life | Anonymous | DearJames
Life , Health , Future
Am I going to make it through what's going on in my life now?
Career / Work / Job | Anonymous | DearJames
Career / Work / Job , Faith , Future
We are thinking of expanding our home-based business; is it a good idea to do so? And, a question about praying/prayers: what's the best way to pray? Is there a specific entity to pray to like the Catholic Saints or God/Source, or is praying just manifesting what we really desire?
Addiction | Anonymous | DearJames
Addiction , Abuse (Mental / Physical / Emotional / Sexual) , Chronic Illness
Where is my son headed?