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DearJames® is an Intuitive Advice Columnist, Radio Host, Author, and Consultant who provides

Intuitive Insight, Answers, & Advice…To Your Life Questions

And a lifestyle brand based on the principles of

Wrap Yourself In Goodness®

that offers an abundance of Inspiration, Advice, Wellness Resources & Tools, Charitable Giving Opportunities, and Luxury Offerings in the DearJames® Boutique.

DearJames® is available in-person or via Zoom, Skype or Telephone, for private Individual, Group, & Business|Corporate Intuitive Consultations, multi-session Soul Coaching, and to Officiate.

All Consultations and Soul Coaching are recorded for your ongoing use and reference.

As an Intuitive | Clairvoyant, DearJames® aligns with Spirit, Source, & Symphony, the unseen, in order to provide you with tangible Insight, Answers & Advice, Wisdom, and Tools, to address and transcend the real-life issues you face from a renewed, insightful and informed perspective.

From serious to silly, monumental to mundane, Spirit, Source, & Symphony, working through DearJames®, guide you thoroughly and thoughtfully, with the utmost clarity, care and compassion, empathy, confidence, trust and truthfulness.

The purity of their presence and intention is clear and unmistakable in every consultation and the beauty of the experience lies in the simple yet profound act of Spirit, Source, & Symphony, the unseen, mirroring and affirming back to you, that which you already know.

Your life story. Your experiences. Your emotions. Your hopes, dreams & desires, fears & anxieties. Your truths. And while these truths may not always be easy to hear and accept, they are always for your highest and best.

So whether you are searching, struggling, denying, avoiding, procrastinating, contemplating, affirming or simply desiring to look into your life with greater depth, an Intuitive Consultation and/or multi-session Soul Coaching with DearJames® reveals your Soul, your Story. Where you’re in alignment and where you’re missing the mark. What you need to do to course correct, and how best to navigate going forward.

Your True Path and Purpose, Your True North.

You can also ASK DearJames® an advice question by submitting your question here. The Question Is Free. The Intuitive Insight, Answers, and Advice…Priceless

Wrap Yourself In Goodness®

Photography by: Matthew Dierksheide Photography