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Charitable Foundation

In tending to what you need, consider those who may rely on you for support, and practice gratitude, for you may find that you are surrounded by a cornucopia of abundance, and in a position to share this good fortune with others. The more you give, the less you will suffer want in the first place. The King of Pentacles Card

The DearJames Charitable Foundation, a global endeavor to assist those in need,has as its core emphasis, the life sustaining principle of “Pay-It-Forward.” The foundation will make direct donations and/or annual grants to entities whose purpose is supporting Sustainable Living, Community Development, After-School Enrichment, Anti-Bullying Awareness, Food Banks/Meal Programs, Conscious Living Materials and Shelters serving the Homeless and Battered Women/Men.

Together, we will be the change we wish to see in the world.

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